Hook and Bullet Club by Nick wognum - Storm damage

My wife Mary and I were looking out our front windows Friday morning and watching 60+ mile an hour winds hammer the birch trees across the street.
A loud noise from our back yard caught our attention. A massive Norway pine came crashing down, missing our house and taking out a fence.
Like many who faced more challenges than us, we were faced with a major clean-up effort that would last two days.
This storm knocked out power for up to four days for people around the Ely area. Power poles were snapped off and trees were the main culprits to being able to turn the lights back on.
With or without power, gas chainsaws are the main tool for taking care of downed timber.
But the most important tool for us was people. Thanks to a lot of helping hands we were able to get our (and our neighbors’) backyards cleaned up in record time.
With the help of John, Roger, Steve, Bev, Kelsey, Cody, Nancy, Rob and others we hauled numerous loads of branches to the old city landfill and created firewood to heat homes this winter.
This is not fun work. The branches on one Norway pine are like counting strands of spaghetti. And some are so big you have to cut them in half. Or thirds. Or fourths. They seem to multiply as you cut them.
First we had to get another tree off our power line and the city was right there to make that happen.
Then it was dissecting the trees into moveable pieces that could be carried or dragged out to the street. Thank you to Evan’s employer, Jeff and Cody, for letting us use a mini and a dump truck for the big stuff. That was a lifesaver as well.
Now if you have Frontier as your internet provider, I’m sorry. You won’t want to read the next part. Especially if you’re on the July 26 (or later) time line to get your phone and internet service restored.
I called Midco at 7:30 p.m. on Friday night to report my cable line from the pole had been severed by a tree.
The nice woman in Sioux Falls, who was originally from Duluth, was very sympathetic. But, she said, it could be Tuesday before it would be repaired.
Yet at 6:08 a.m. Saturday, Rob Angus came to our house with a fellow Midco worker and strung a new line. By 7:15 a.m., less than 12 hours since I had called, we had our internet restored.
Like I said, I apologize to all of the Frontier customers who are still waiting for service to be restored. Let’s hope we don’t have any more wind storms for awhile.