Fixing a mistake with a concrete saw will return much needed parking spots

We fully support a move to return parking spaces on Sheridan Street that shouldn’t have been removed in the first place.
Several city council members have pointed to a mistake made by the city to eliminate numerous parking spaces in order to protect the marquee on the State Theater building.
The issue now isn’t the marquee, it’s using common sense to protect it. And certainly the owners of half the block shouldn’t be opposed to returning some of the lost parking spaces.
The city had the sidewalk extended from the west side of the marquee all the way down to Third Avenue East. This was done to protect the marquee from snowplows and other taller vehicles. But there is a better answer.
Putting up three cast iron ballards will protect the marquee. Cutting the sidewalk and returning the curb and gutter to where they were before makes perfect sense.
Sometimes when a mistake is made there needs to be corrective action taken. Live and learn. But don’t add insult to parking injury and refuse to back down from a tainted position.
The parking spaces lost and the crazy solution to extend the sidewalk, which has motorists parking on it already, is a wrong that needs to be righted.
We need every parking space we can get in the downtown area. Anyone who disagrees with that statement hasn’t been living in the real world for many years now.
No matter what happens with the theater, the bollards will protect the marquee and cutting the sidewalk back and reinstalling the curb and gutter have to be part of the solution.
There may be some damaged egos here and a resistance to see the obvious problems this situation has created.
Let’s do what needs to be done and get this fixed.