Medicare, Dish news and Hemingway

From the miscellaneous drawer by Anne Swenson

Interesting short week.
The US Government sent a letter to 38,000 Medicare beneficiaries in Minnesota stating that their Blue Cross and Blue Shield health plans were canceled for 2019.
Due to a communications mix-up, residents of 21 Minnesota counties, including St. Louis, Cook and Lake were told their plans would not be honored for 2019.
Blue Cross belatedly send out a letter which stated: “Rest assured, your Blue Cross plan will continue to cover you in 2019.”
So, one less thing to worry about.
* * *
Then there’s the DISH problem with Duluth area stations.
In a rural area, after rooftop antennas then came massive dish receivers weighing down the garage. DISH seemed like a good answer with its mini-dish on the house, despite the wavering reception during winds and storms due to trees.
But last week, a contract disagreement between KBJR (6) for NBC and KBJR (3) for CBS, and DISH, made them disappear from view.
A KBJR spokesperson said they are working for a settlement.
If it weren’t for WDSE (8) of PBS and WDIO (10) ABC, area news would be non-existent for paying DISH subscribers.
* * *
My mom wasn’t a true hoarder. She loved history. Family history. World history. Events which affected her world.
She saved newspaper front pages which impacted her. I came across the July 3, 1961 Chicago Tribune front page she had tucked away.
A famous Chicago native - Ernest Hemingway had died of a gunshot wound. His wife said it was an accident. In the extensive news coverage on Hemingway it was noted that he found writing “A lonely life.”
In other 1961 news in that paper, Khrushchev was drawn in a cartoon bluffing about the explosiveness of Berlin (it was to be 28 years before the Berlin Wall would come down). In 90 degree heat Army wives in Germany complained about the ban on shorts and bikinis.
O’Hare Airport was in its second year of being built and the British vowed to fight if Iraq entered Kuwait.
* * *
In the Ely Echo for September 5, 1988, 30 years ago, the headlines were:
• Rains bring lake to doors of White Iron Beach Resort;
• Farmer’s Market slated for Wednesday to benefit Sled Dog Races;
• Mitzi provides comfort for Ely nursing home residents;
• Pals needed for area youth;
• State interviews applicants for tax collection jobs;
• Volleyball season opens with Cook at home.