Trump delivers on promise to cancel mineral withdrawal

President Donald Trump came through on a promise to cancel a mineral withdrawal for northeast Minnesota instituted by his predecessor.
With 234,000 acres returned to mining exploration and development, Trump may have added to his support in the Eighth Congressional District.
Trump won the Eighth in 2016 and has followed through on requests from local groups and politicians to undo a wrong. Remember, the Eighth went to Democrat Rick Nolan, a shocking win considering the circumstances.
Yet, not surprisingly, Nolan agreed with Trump on this issue:
“By canceling the 234,000 acre mineral withdrawal on multiple-use Forest Service Lands, Secretary Perdue has wisely and sensibly put responsible mining exploration and development back on track in the Superior National Forest. To be clear, as I have stated many times before, if and when a company proposes an actual mining project on these lands, any decision to go forward would rest on a rigorous and thorough environmental review process based on science, facts and technology. We should never be afraid of exploration and discovery, or using science and facts to dictate important decisions.”
Having support from both sides of the aisle helped make this decision easier. But there needs to be some kudos toward the grassroots organization Fight For Mining Minnesota.
Led by Joe Baltich of Ely, this group has knocked on doors repeatedly in Washington D.C. to get support for issues like the mineral withdrawal.
Baltich and his pals don’t have big money behind them. They have an honest message and advocate for their communities with facts, passion and conviction.
Trump may have delivered the icing on the cake, but it was hard work by groups like Fight For Mining Minnesota that put the cake in the oven.