As we approach fall and winter it is time to think about the Ely cemetery.

It is important that planters and other grave decorations be removed from grave sites. This will facilitate clean up and lawn maintenance in the spring. Artificial floral arrangements tend to deteriorate over time and scatter around. The wire used in them also then becomes a hazard for the lawn mowers. Planters, flower pots, and still usable arrangements will be in better condition for next spring if they are stored in some kind of shelter over the winter.

The cemetery committee agrees that in many respects the cemetery has looked better this year thanks to both the conscientious crew and the cooperation of the public.

Next year it is hoped there will be an information kiosk in place and some newer water lines and spigots in place.

Cemetery committee members are Bill Erzar, Chairperson; Gail Sheddy, Secretary; Jean Zaverl, Jeanne Tome, Jerome Debeltz, and David Kess. Concerns may be directed to them
or the City Clerk’s Office at (toll free) 1-888-884-1374. Ely Echo 8/15/2018