From the miscellaneous drawer - Dish fails

by Echo publisher Anne Swenson

Did anything happen in the world since 7:10 Sunday morning?
Did the political scene explode? Did friends try to get in touch with me?
I don’t know. The Internet has failed me and oh so many other rural residents.
After un-pluggimg and re-plugging and re-starting the computer seven times or more - abracadabra = at 11:17 a.m., Internet returned. And that’s typical. It will be out two or more times during the day and each time the un-s and re-s will be re-done.
If only Dish television provided hope such as that.
I phoned Dish at 888-742-0239 after talking to Frontier where the bundle (Internet plus television programming)cost is $158.68 of which $100.29 goes to Dish.
Why do I use Dish? Because it used to be more reliable than older methods.
What channels do I normally use? ABC, PBS, CBS and NBC out of Duluth.
Oh wait. There’s currently no CBS or NBC. So Monday I phoned Dish. It considers the local stations to cost $12 a month as part of the subscription. The $88.29 remainder goes for programming I do not use. That comes to $1,059.48 for the year.
So what discount was I offered for the non-use of area programming? $10 as a credit for the month. And the Dish representative tried to get me to upgrade to more channels I would not ever use.
Will there ever be a day when a person can select just the channels they plan on viewing? Probably not.
And, oh yes, the rep said they expect to resolve the issue locally with CBS and NBC. I’ll let you know if that ever happens.
* * *
Old phone books are a treasure. They are fun to browse through. Do any of these names sound familiar? Resorts in 1970 Gopher State Telephone Directory included:
Aki-Nibi, Anderson’s, Bear Island, Brisson’s on Shagawa, Buena Vista, Burley Park, Burntside Lodge, Camp Van Vac, Canadian Border Lodge, Coral Ridge, Crawford’s Lodge, Deer Trail Lodge, Eagles Nest Lake, Echo Trail Lodge, Espland’s Cabins, Fall Lake, Forest Gate, Forest Glen Lodge, Glenwood Lodge, Jack Pine Lodge, Jasper Lake, Kawishiwi, Kirk’s Lodge, Laitinen Wild Life Lodge, Marie’s Lodge, Moat’s, Northernair Lodge, Olson Bay, Pecharich Overnight Cabins,Pine Point Lodge, Piney Ridge Camp, Pochahontas Lodge, Rom William, Silver Rapids Lodge, Snowbank Beach, Snowbank Lodge, Squaw Bay, Sunny Dene, Sunset Lodge, Tamarack, Tanglewood Trail Lodge, Timber Trail, Wagon Wheel, Whispering Pines Lodge, White Iron Beach, White’s Shigwak Lodge, Wolf Lake Resort plus 16 resorts in Tower, 14 canoe trip outfitters, four mining companies, eight restaurants and five grocery stores.
Times have changed.
By 1988 there were 12 fewer - just 35 Ely area resorts were ßlisted.
Old phone books provide a perspective on the past for sure and may be the only link to finding someone if they haven’t already switched to cellular service.
.* * *
In the Ely Echo for September 5, 1988, 30 years ago, the headlines were:
• Time Capsule to be placed Saturday;
• Farmers Market slated for Wednesday; sales to benefit 1989 sled dog races;
• Babbitt citizens seek cleanup of their neighborhood;
• 175 prizes to be given away at Ducks Unlimited dinner;
• Molter cabin project receives monetary support.