Board sees graduation, test score data

by Tom Coombe -
Students at Ely Memorial High School graduate at a much higher rate than their counterparts statewide.
That was one of the takeaways from a report delivered by high school principal Megan Anderson earlier in the month.
Ely’s seven-year graduation rate is nearly 98 percent, compared to an 87 percent rate for all Minnesota high school students.
“It’s really great to be 10 percent above the state average, which is where we’ve historically been,” Anderson told school board members at their Oct. 8 meeting.
The data is compiled by the Minnesota Department of Education, and the seven-year average tracks students through their high school years and three additional years.
Ely also fares above the state averages for graduation within four years.
About 88 percent of Ely’s students graduate within four years of beginning ninth grade, up from an 82.7 percent rate across Minnesota.
Proficiency tests
Anderson also provided the report on the latest round of state proficiency tests taken by Ely students.
At various grade levels, students in all Minnesota schools are tested for proficiency in science, reading and math.
High schools students in Ely were above state averages in both reading and science, and were slightly below in math.
About 65 percent of Ely high school students were deemed proficient in reading, compared to 60 percent in Minnesota.
In science, Ely had a 64 percent proficiency rate, 10 points above the state average.
The math proficiency test proved to be a challenge statewide, and to the 31 students tested in Ely last year. About 45 percent here met proficiency totals, and only 49 percent of the 53,362 students tested in Minnesota met the proficiency standard.
At the middle school level, students in all grades were tested in math and reading with local proficiency totals at 57 and 70 percent, respectively.
Ely was right at the state average in math and 10 points above in reading.
A smaller number of middle-school students were tested in science, with Ely beating state averages handily.
Out of 39 students, 69 percent in Ely were deemed proficient in middle school science, some 23 points above the 46 percent proficient among 61,335 students in the state.
At the elementary school level, Ely had better than 60 percent proficiency rates in math, reading and science.