VCC wins state title in trap

by Tom Coombe
Vermilion Community College has a state championship trophy to add to its trophy case - in community college athletics’ newest sport.
Vermilion is the state’s clay target (trapshooting) champion, after dominating the first Minnesota Community Athletic Conference varsity-level state meet earlier in the month at Grand Rapids.
Vermilion’s top five competitors missed only 35 targets out of a whopping 500 shots fired, finishing with a team point total of 465.
Tanner Hammit, Vermilion’s top shooter, hit 97 out of 100 targets and was second in the individual standings while teammate Zach Eustice went 95-for-100 to take third.
Vermilion was first among 10 teams in the meet and the school, known for its array of outdoor-related programs, had a league-high 37 participants.
“It was a great season, capped off by an extraordinary display of abilities, especially considering the weather conditions, which were very cold and windy,” said coach Wade Klingsporn. “The students worked hard all season to hone their skills and it paid off for them in the end.”
Clay target, also known as trapshooting is the newest varsity activity in the MCAC and came one year after Vermilion and several other junior colleges in the north competed at the club level.
Similar to high school clay target leagues that have been in place for several years, the community college teams compete for several weeks locally - at the Vermilion Range Trap Club in Winton - and record scores online.
The VCC team practiced for two weeks, had five weeks of competition and then joined other schools at the state meet, held Oct. 16.
Other top scorers for Vermilion at the state meet included William Kohlhof (91), Cole Hoffman (90) and Sam Kaderlik (90),
Ellie Hintze of Vermilion tied for first in the female division, while several VCC students had personal-best scores at the championship event, with Kendra Fink going 21-for-25 in one round and Cody McTaggart recording a personal-best of 23-for-25.
“All of the students had a great time, and were very proud to bring the championship trophy back to VCC,” said Klingsporn.
In all, 155 students participated in the league.
Klingsporn was assisted by Jake Myers and Chad Loewen.