Heidi Omerza is the top vote-getter in Ely

Marsnik, Sjoberg, Colarich get School Board seats

The third time was the charm for Angela Campbell.

After unsuccessful previous runs for both mayor and city council, Campbell won a spot on the Ely City Council Tuesday, finishing third in a four-way race for three council seats.

Longtime council member Heidi Omerza was the top vote-getter with 1,082 votes while fellow incumbent Albert Forsman (984) took second, while Campbell collected 860 votes to edge out incumbent Dan Forsman by. 63 votes.

Campbell campaigned heavily for the position and was a frequent council critic the last several months, voicing her opposition to the proposed sale of the Ely Community Center building and submitting her own bid to buy the 80-year-old landmark.

Mayor Chuck Novak was re-elected Tuesday while running unopposed while Omerza, Forsman and Campbell won four-year terms on the council.

In Ely's school board race, incumbents Ray Marsnik and Rochelle Sjoberg won four-year terms as did Tony Colarich. They were the only candidates for three open positions.