Marlene Zorman elected in Winton

Marlene Zorman didn't seek elected office, but she will soon take a seat on the city council in Winton nonetheless.

Zorman got 41 write-in votes Tuesday and won a council race that had no candidates on the ballot.

About a dozen other people, Including President Trump, were written in by Winton residents but Zorman was the only resident to get significant support.

Kathy Edman ran unopposed and won the special election for city treasurer, while Anne Jackson was re-elected city clerk without opposition.

Winton residents turned out en masse for the election, with the city recording 72 percent voter turnout and 79 people casting ballots.

Republican Pete Stauber carried Winton in the U.S. House race, beating DFLer Joe Radinovich 41-35. Winton residents backed Republicans Jeff Johnson (governor), Karin Housley (U.S. Senate) and Doug Wardlow (Attorney General). none of whom won, but favored winning Democrats Amy Klobuchar (U.S. Senate) and Rob Ecklund (State House).