Hook and Bullet Club by Nick Wognum - Shack time

Two deer have been harvested at Camp Cholesterol, both out of the same stand.
Our deer slayer from last year, Megan, returned to take a basket rack eight on the second day of the season. She had been waging war with a squirrel who kept trying to join her in the stand.
Luckily the battle was at a lull when the buck walked in behind her. With no snow on the ground we had to do some searching.
If you’ve been in that situation, doubt can creep in really fast. Did I hit it? Which way did it go? Could I have missed? This is the time where prayer returns to the deer stand.
When I spotted the deer lying near the edge of a swamp, I called for Megan. I think she ran through the woods.
“I was praying up in the stand,” she said with an excited look on her face.
“You’re prayers have been answered,” I responded.
The second deer was shot out of the same stand around 24 hours later. This buck came from the same direction and may be on the trail cam I set up on the gut pile.
I’m participating in an offal study by the University of Minnesota to see what happens to the gut piles. The Offal Wildlife Watching study is based on a “camera-trap monitoring of hunter provided carrion.”
Jacob provided the opportunity to put out a second camera when he dropped a buck Monday morning. He was excited as well since it been a few years since the last time he shot a buck.
He didn’t have to say any prayers afterwards, this buck dropped right where he shot it. I was thankful it was right on the trail. The shorter the drag the less awful it is.