Morse to expand proposed broadband project up Echo Trail

Town of Morse supervisors decided to expand a proposed broadband project.
The township has been working with Frontier to put together a project that would benefit people who are unable to get high speed internet.
At the last town board meeting, supervisor Bob Berrini pushed for a larger project.
“Let’s go further up the Echo and see if we can get to Passi Road,” said Berrini.
The initial scope of the project was to install a new fiber line from Ely to the east around Shagawa Lake to the Echo Trail. Now, that fiber line will extend up the Echo Trail to Passi Road.
This will improve service to people who live along Shagawa, Little Long and Burntside lakes. A second phase would include Wolf Lake Road and continue around Shagawa to improve service along Van Vac Road.
The project will be pitched at the Monday legislative meeting.