From the miscellaneous drawer - Kindness

by Echo publisher Anne Swenson

I know this is not the same world that it was in the past. And I know that the future will be unrecognizable, yet I hope some of the spirit of the past, the kindness and concern for others will survive into the future.
There is a spirit here in Ely of empathy, caring, open friendliness which is being lost, denigrated in too many areas of the United States.
And I’m glad to learn that there are yet those Elyites - Erin Heep and Deb Hultman among others, who by way of their jobs and their compassion are helping in California’s dramatic fires. I know there must be others elsewhere who are reaching out, offering their help and compassion too.
One never knows when adverse events may change lives. Where best laid plans may be waylaid by unforeseen circumstances.
That has happened to me more than once, where the future hung in a tenuous balance of chance, and unexpected kindness emerged.
During this holiday season, let’s think about what a community means to each of us. Let’s reach out to our business neighbors before we hit the Amazon button or others far away. Focus inward on the people we know, and let’s show our support for what we have available right here.
If we fail to do so, we may soon find that what we need will no longer be available locally when we need it. Imagine that.
And whatever you have, take a small bit and share it with those you know will make it count at this time of year. Maybe it’s just your small change left behind at the time of your local purchase. Maybe a thoughtful gift to ECR, your church or other charity. It will warm your heart for a long time.
Here’s something to think about from a good friend:
Be kind; everyone you meet is fighting a battle of which you know nothing.
* * *
In the Ely Echo for December 12, 1988, 30 years ago, the headlines were:
• Cable company buyout may mean changes for area users;
• Parking changes on Sheridan Street considered;
• WLS loses over $5,000 in 1987;
• City logo entries sought;
Snow ready for Ski Free Day;
• Community colleges seek major funding package;
• Boschwitz to speak on global warming;
• Ski jump tourney to be held 12/18.