From the miscellaneous drawer - coping and caring

by Echo publisher Anne Swenson

It hasn’t been the best start to winter. In just over one month, I’ve had to replace my cell phone, my car’s side view mirror, my home furnace and my well pump. The latter two were a better choice than having no heat and no water.
Thanks to Dave Mobilia’s crew at Starkman Oil/Superior Fuel and BJ at Rusco Plumbling for fixing those problems in a timely manner.
Then on a recent Thursday night I headed home from work a bit early, stopping to grocery shop before going home, and planning to toss clothes into the dryer from a load I started before I left in the morning. Or that is what I planned to do.
When the garage door opened at home there were two inches of water to meet me and a still-overflowing washing machine.
Thanks to Nick, Mary and Megan Wognum for scooping, hauling, pushing out the water and restoring order.
And thanks to Lisa Vidal for sopping up the water from the carpet near the wet bathroom a day or so later...
And thanks to Nancy for making the best of this difficult situation.
* * *
Luckily there have been some other bright spots to help balance this out.
Elizabeth Deitz of Ohio wrote, “Have just enjoyed another issue of the Echo,” which she and Jim get by email.
Dave Gerzin recently tried out a sample email issue and wrote, “Thanks for the sample paper in email form, all looks good. I called to ask a couple of questions and the gentleman that I spoke with had the answers to my questions. I’m going to continue with the paper subscription for the next year, but I may switch to the digital version in the future.
He added, “Totally look forward to my weekly “Ely Catch Up” and enjoy every issue. You folks do a great job!”
Although the Echo by email is great for travelers and those with spotty Postal delivery, it’s not comfortable for everyone.
Other recent holiday notes came from Kent Worley in Michigan who wrote, “We miss Minnesota lots! It drew us from 1967 and still does; hoping for time there summer 2019.”
Gary and Sondra Kemper wrote that “We sure miss being able to visit Ely. For over 30 years it was our yearly vacation to come to stay at Dad’s place on Eagles Nest One...We miss all of our Ely friends and the whole area.”
Martin Schmidt renewed his email subscription and noted that he has “a Finnish connection to Ely/Winton through my mother and my own time in Ely/Winton from 1960 - 1966, including marriage to an Slovenian Elyite. These days, I mostly look at the obituaries to see who of the old folks are dying. Keep up the good work.”
Bob Anderson volunteered as a driver next summer for the needs of the veterans and also noted: “I have reached my wintering grounds at the Rio Grande Valley of the southern tip of Texas. The RV Park I’m set up at is actually less than 5 miles from the Mexican border. Crow flies stuff like up in Ely. So this snowbird has gone from border to border!! Stay warm!”
Talking last week on the phone with Terry Lowell, he noted that, “You may leave Ely, but Ely never leaves you.”
Thanks to all for the kind words.
* * *
We shipped out a number of “East of Ely” booklets this week and now have a new supply fpr the holidays. And yes, Jim Viikinsalo, yours is on its way to Alabama.
* * *
In the Ely Echo for December 19, 2008, 10 years ago, the headlines were:
• Fire deadline nears, townships sneer;
• Football stays at Vermilion; Koski keeps program alive;
• City leaders grapple with likely LGA cuts, budget reductions;
Miners Memorial fund continues to grow;
• Joint Powers sets budget; bulk to EADA;
• Council looks closer at expenditures, takes no action on proposal to close CC;
• Annexation, Duluth Metals in Klun update.