Trout Whisperer - Mistletoed to perfection

Mistletoed…to perfection
Mother nature in our natural yard has truly outdone herself with a splendor this year, we have not seen in years past.
Take your pick - Star filled nights shimmering white-bright for a crisp mistletoe or wake to the richness in tiny hoar frost diamonds glinting in sunlit-studded mornings off frozen cattail fronds.
And, in between a morning or an evening for snow cover, we have the dappled powder sugar snows on a frequent basis, sometimes frosting pine bough branches with a thin silvery garland of flakes. Simply wonderful.
If she could decorate a deciduous tree with any more ornaments, I’m not sure it’s possible with what she has done to an ornamental crab tree that is resplendent with frozen translucent mini red, edible bulbs, that the living decorations in pine grosbeaks feast on from pre-frosted sunrises until the softest snow flaked, sky pink flecked, sunsets.
Chickadees with plump, dust-colored bellies come daily, the blue jays squawking almost as often, and when we least expect it, the waxwings whirl into the yard filling the tops of the mountain ash trees until one can’t imagine there’s another waxwing anywhere else on earth.
Every night, every silent night, a doe with her new nubbin buck fawn come to glean and clean what severely overripe fruit falls from the apple trees. In my opinion the lady sure knows how to decorate.
-- The trout whisperer