Hook and Bullet Club by Nick Wognum

A father-daughter weekend was filled with sports during a trip to the Twin Cities. That wasn’t the original plan, however.
Megan and I were going to spend a good part of the day Saturday (her birthday) out at the shack.
There’s a stand or two that needs to come down before winter actually arrives. Plus there’s some trail cameras that need to be retrieved.
The shack is basically in second season mode. You could go out there and be able to stay, it hasn’t been totally shut down for winter.
Those plans got put on hold Friday.
We already had tickets to the Vikings game on Sunday thanks to Rob selling me his seats. A call from Chuck offering two tickets to the Minnesota Wild game on Saturday for a song was too good of a deal to pass up.
Our one day, down and back trip became an overnight just like that. The shack would have to wait.
We pulled into St. Paul Saturday morning for the 12:30 p.m. start but we were a little early. Apparently the Xcel Center doesn’t want fans to come in too early.
So we waited along with other fans until the doors opened. That’s when we found out the rule on not allowing bags or purses over five inches by seven inches has been adopted by the NHL as well as the NFL.
Megan ran back to the car while I waited and people watched. With that problem solved we took a tour around the place and then settled in three rows from the Plexiglas. Nice seats, thanks to Chuck.
The Wild came ready to battle and 40 seconds in the first fight started right in front of us. Unfortunately the Wild were maybe more concerned with dropping gloves than putting pucks in the net and lost 2-1 to Calgary.
After the game we made a couple stops and then headed to Jim and Danelle’s house in Blaine for the evening.
We looked at getting tickets to the NCAA volleyball championship that night at Target Center. But the ticket prices were steep so we watched from Jim’s living room.
Hearing the play by play from Jim was priceless and non-repeatable. Let’s just say he had us laughing through the bumps, sets and spikes.
We rooted for Nebraska to upset Stanford all the way through to the end. But the underdogs couldn’t pull it out and finished second in the nation.
On Sunday we headed to U.S. Bank Stadium after breakfast at Perkins. Good thing we ate there, the food prices at the game are more than ridiculous.
The game was way fun. Megan even got a “First Game” button and we each took home two free items, a purple elf hat and a small Vikings towel.
The Vikes went up 21-0 and the fans we were sitting by celebrated like Minnesota finally won a Super Bowl. The Miami fans sitting nearby were able to dish it back out when the lead was whittled to a 21-17 but the home team had the last laugh in a 41-17 victory.
We headed up north that night with some great memories from our father-daughter weekend. I know I’m fortunate to have a daughter who lives here and likes to go to sporting events and spend time out in the woods.
More than fortunate, actually. Blessed would be a better word. This time of year we traditionally count our blessings and spending time with my daughter is right near the top of my list.