Hook and bullet club - Father-Son time

Hook and Bullet Club by Nick Wognum

Two paths to the outdoors last Saturday. Megan took to the ice and a walk across the BWCA line for some crappie fishing. Evan and I took a wheeler ride out to the shack for some deer stand clean-up work.
Megan had a head start and had a crappie on the ice by the time we got out to the stand. The weather was decent, with a slight breeze.
Working inside a covered stand, Evan released the straps and then called for help to lift the canvas over the top of the metal frame.
The two of us slowly worked the material over the edge of the framework, trying not to add any more rips.
“This might have been the last year for this one,” said Evan.
“I’ll have to see if they still make this material,” I replied.
“Or we’re going to have to go to old school with wood walls,” said Evan.
We were able to take down what we needed to and load it into the back of the side by side along with a heater that had only been used a couple times this past deer season.
Making our way back toward the shack we stopped to pull a trail camera but we left one on a beaver dam.
“I can go back and get that one later by snowmobile,” said Evan.
“You’re going to need more snow.”
Sure enough, by Thursday afternoon Mother Nature responded with enough snow to traverse on. It also would’ve collapsed our stand if we didn’t get out to the shack last weekend.
We grabbed some leftover food at the shack and headed out to pick up the last trail camera. Snow was starting to fall and there was a slight nip in the air. The trees were covered in snow making the woods look like something straight out of Hallmark.
Evan and I talked as we rode along the trails. We shared stories, talked about hunting and ATVing including how changes in people using side by sides in the winter will need to be addressed by the state legislature.
It was just a couple of hours in the woods on a Saturday afternoon. But it was prime father son time, something that becomes more and more precious as the years tick away.
Seems like only yesterday Evan and I would spend every weekend out at the shack. He turns 20 today. His life is busy now. But I’m glad he can still find time to be with his dad.