From the miscellaneous drawer - Holiday time

by Echo publisher Anne Swenson

Having the photo booth and equipment at the Echo, operator Cam Weisert has found his techie skills put to test often, especially with the elderly.
Not me. I still haven’t joined the skill level to deal with smart phones. I still have a flip phone, upgraded from the washing machine mishap, but still a flip phone.
What’s your favorite story from the Christmas holiday? One of mine this year are the men who had a heartbeat printout encased in a snowflake ornament for their wives, sisters, who were mourning their mother this season.
Another was the man who mentioned that an anonymous cash gift had prompted an unexpected gift for his son to enjoy. This is a truly kind community so I’m sure there were many other acts of thoughtfulness shown. Joe Bianco’s revolving carousel on Burntside among them. Wow, what a lot of work!
My special gift was having the family come over on Christmas Day and watching the interaction between great granddaughter Kinlee, age two, with her aunt, uncle and grandparents. Kinlee’s energy is amazing. She’ll be all set for marching n the next parade if her carrying the small flag she found at my house reflected and demonstrated her skill and devotion to America.
This coming week my house guests will be my niece Ingrid and her husband Andrew from London. Yes, the same couple Nick and Mary stayed with a while back.
The Brits are hoping to take in some winter activities while they’re here and it sounds like the weather will accommodate them.
* * *
In the Ely Echo for January 4, 1999, 20 years ago, the headlines were:
• Gov. Ventura to ride with Vikings during Arctic Blast;
• Ely’s Mischke to retire from coaching;
• From races to snow art, Voyageur Winter Festival promises two weeks of winter fun;
• Schnitzius takes office Tuesday; vacant council seat to be addressed;
• City looking at Leustek site for historic renovation project;
• Skaters go 1-2 at North Shore tourney.