Hospital project worth a look

Over the course of the next several weeks NFL teams, not including the Vikings, will play down to a Super Bowl champion. The playoffs figure to be a long winding road to Atlanta and we’re intrigued by another winding road that could lead to significant investment in our community.
A $24 million project that could reshape how health care is provided in the future has been unveiled in last week’s Ely Echo. The project includes a major expansion for the hospital as well as the additional of another project that has been looking for a home.
The Ely-Bloomenson Community Hospital’s Super Bowl is years away and it’s clear this project is not yet at the opening kick off. But hospital officials are being proactive and community minded in their drive to improve both the hospital and Ely.
It remains to be seen what will come of this project but it seems Ely-Bloomenson is on the right track by promoting itself and striving to enhance existing services and add new ones.
We continue to have concerns over a fair playing field for one component, the Ely Regional Community Complex a.k.a. the Rec Center, which has gone silent since being rebuked by the Ely school district.
It has been and continues to be our belief that there must be fair competition for businesses that already provide these services in the community. However, we can see how this could be an attractive piece for the hospital to have on its campus.
This is the first step in a long process. There are more questions than answers. But with health care changing so rapidly we applaud the hospital administration and board for looking ahead and not being left behind.
Above all, just as we want our school district to survive into the future, we know our community will suffer without a healthy hospital.