From the miscellaneous drawer - Visitors

by Echo publisher Anne Swenson

Andrew Wilson and Ingrid Swenson from London

A week of fun, late hours and family visits somewhat wore me out last week.
Although my niece had spent many a summer vacation in Ely, this artsy couple came to immerse themselves in Ely’s winter scene.
That included a trip to Basswood by sled dog with the Stu McEntyre crew, snowmobiling with cousins Nick, Mary and Megan, and a not very successful ice fishing outing on Lake Vermilion.
But what consistently impressed the couple is the beauty of the northland in winter.
They’ll be back.
* * *
Subscriptions were piling up last week and a few problems were being corrected for this issue.
Relatively Ely newcomers, the Kaeters, stopped by and Tom shared this joke: A German fellow married an Amish woman and he drove her buggy! Thanks for the smile, Tom.
* * *
In the Ely Echo for January 18, 1999, 20 years ago, the headlines were:
• ISD 696 reelects Koski to chair; denies union grievance;
• Extension of Ely Business Park discussed by Projects Committee;
• Sen. Johnson pushing for declining enrollment bill for school districts;
• Union, school board will go to arbitration;
• Roads a top issue at Morse meeting;
• Virginia upends Ely swimmers.