Hook and bullet club - Sports fan

It’s not easy being a Minnesota sports fan. Pick a sport and there’s plenty of heartbreak to go around. The Wild, the Vikings, the Twins and even some of our college teams have left us wondering when the championship days will return.
Mary and I took a trip to the Twin c\Cities and managed to squeeze in four games. My buddy Jim Ronn’s daughter plays varsity for the Blaine girls hockey team. Two of our four games were watching her play.
We haven’t watched much girls hockey and I have to say I was impressed. The girls know the game and play it well. They pass the puck and hustle back on defense. They attack on offense and play the game right.
There were very few penalties so the game moved right along. The only difference for me was the blaring ’80s rock music every time the whistle blew. Hey, I love music but there is such a thing as volume control.
Kaitlyn Ronn is a freshman and one of the younger players but her team’s goalie is in eighth grade. And man, can she play. The Star-Tribune even gave her a nice plug noting how she stopped 42 shots when Blaine beat No. 2 in AA Edina 5-4.
We watched her stop 22 of 23 against Section 7A team Proctor/Hermantown and 38 in a 3-2 OT loss to Maple Grove.
Saturday morning we took in a game at Williams Arena to watch the Minnesota Gophers men’s basketball team. This was our first trip to The Barn and I loved it. Plenty of history and a great atmosphere for a game.
Our seats were on the lower level but thanks to a turn of the century heating pipe in front of us we couldn’t see the scoreboard. I didn’t hardly notice. I’ve followed Gopher basketball for years and getting to watch a game live was a real treat. Can’t wait to go back.
Saturday night we made it to St. Paul to watch the Minnesota Wild lay an egg during their loss to Detroit. The highlight of that game? Seeing someone throw an octopus on the ice after one of the Red Wings notched a hat trick.
Two questions came to mind after we watched a guy come out with a five gallon pail to pick up the octopus.
1. Who carried that octopus in their underwear for four hours in hopes of throwing it on the ice?
2. How about the fans sitting in front of the guy who threw it and ended up with octopus juice on them?
Guess that’s a normal day for a sports fan in the great state of Minnesota.