Working together works at the Fun Run

Year in and year out the Fun Run event has been successful at raising money for snowmobile trails in Ely, Babbitt and Tower.
But perhaps more importantly, the event is a blueprint of how the three communities can work together for the betterment of the area.
The event had 983 registrants this year, just behind last year’s record of just over 1,000. Temps were -35 Saturday morning, not exactly what someone would order up for an event that asks people to travel between the three communities.
Yet travel they did, some by snowmobile, many by car to Ely, Babbitt and Tower. At each community there were volunteers at the ready to assist with prize tickets and answer questions. Volunteers from three different communities working together.
By some accounts, close to 800 prizes were given away at the wrap-up party Saturday night at Fortune Bay Resort Casino. The Ely Echo’s Tom Coombe announced over 450 names without a break at the start of the night.
Those prizes largely came from area businesses. Knowing the event supports the local economy, area business owners have provided prizes year after year after year. They do so not just because it will help where their business is located but also because neighboring communities benefit as well. Businesses from three communities working together.
In addition to the volunteers who worked the day of the event there are also volunteers who give of their time before the event takes place. They go door-to-door in each community collecting prizes. They gather together at Fortune Bay Friday night to prepare the ballroom for hundreds of participants. More volunteers from three different communities working together.
Our hats are off to everyone who makes the Fun Run event a reality. We salute the cooperation that exists at all levels from the volunteers to the sponsors to the participants themselves.
In today’s world we’re often faced with partisan bickering and a lack of cooperation. Not at the Fun Run. There’s a lesson to be learned. Working together works.