This is not a newspaper office

On Tuesday the Ely city council has a chance to right a wrong and award the city legals to the only legal newspaper in the city of Ely.
The picture displayed here is what the Timberjay claims to be an office in Ely. It’s not. We know it, you know it.
We believe the council was acting on incomplete information presented to members right before the meeting started.
They didn’t know about the house on Boundary Street purporting to be an office. They didn’t know it wasn’t zoned commercial and didn’t even have a home occupation permit.
What’s true at the time of the bids being submitted was that there’s only one newspaper that meets all of the qualifications to be a legal newspaper in Ely, Minnesota and that’s the Ely Echo.
The city charter says printing contracts shall be awarded to the lowest responsible bidder. We believe the key word is responsible. We believe the law is on our side in this matter.
We gave the city a fair bid that discounts our normal legal rate by well over 50 percent. We have our official newspaper certificate from the Secretary of State. We meet all legal newspaper qualifications. We pay our commercial property taxes on Chapman Street in Ely. We employ people whose kids go to school in Ely, Minnesota.
We’re going to ask the city council to right a wrong. We thank everyone for their support.