From the miscellaneous drawer - welcome to the Echo office

by Echo publisher Anne Swenson

There’s a whole new language to learn in almost any business or new venture. It took me a while to get the hang of the picas and points of newspapers and printing.

Oddly enough, the City of Ely never specified a type size for display advertising nor did they direct any complaint or request to us about ad print size. No discussion was initiated by the city to make the Echo aware of any dissatisfaction on its part. That seems odd unless this is all politically motivated.

The Echo’s legal type size at 7 point Times, came in at 84 lca. Since that was quite readable, it saved the city money, Whereas an lca (lower case alphabet) of 90 would take up more space when printed.

In the 1970-’80s there were two newspaper offices in Ely - The Ely Miner and the Ely Echo. One or the other was subsidizing the city with below cost rates for printing.

The number of residents and property owners who can be reached via a newspaper is very important, or should be unless a secret government is planned.

We maintain a list of over 4,000 addresses in the 55731 area code.
Additionally we have placed all the City minutes and notices of hearings on the website to be accessed there free. Each legal is still available and easily accessible.

Times have changed, but due diligence is still needed to operate fairly and legally.
If the city has any questions, the Echo would be happy to meet with them.