From the miscellaneous drawer - When words meant something

Forty years ago, there were two Ely newspapers and both were owned by women. Columbia Childers ran the show at the Ely Miner in the 100 block of East Chapman Street and I had the help of the men and women at 2 East Sheridan Street. Though we were competitors, you might even say we were friends.
Friends come to an understanding of each other’s actions and in that way, a respect. We had lunch together at Silver Rapids not long before she departed the newspaper world.
Back then there was a larger group of Iron Range publishers who got together a few times a year for dinner. As a novice to the industry, it was a learning time for me.
I stopped to chat with Phyllis and Jim Burgess at the Tower News, got advice from Veda Ponikvar of the Chisholm paper, the Asbachs at MDN and bought half ton rolls of paper for our printing press from Cook News Herald which shared its supply.
Ely at that time had two lumber yards, three car dealerships, three hardware stores, four grocery stores, a JCPenney and Sears and Wards Catalog stores. There was some controversy at times and a mining strike occurred, but all in all respect, common sense and fairness reigned.
The words “You MUST” actually meant just that and a local newspaper had to have an office in place prior to bidding on city legals. Anything else would be lies and subject to perjury.
You can read the January and February city minutes on the website and come to your own conclusions.
* * *
In the Ely Echo for Feb. 19, 1979, 40 years ago, the headlines were:
• Senator Boschwitz visits Ely, meets with students, citizens;
• Robert Gawboy was named Citizen of the Northland;
• Alvin Warpula wins fishing contest.