GOOD NEIGHBOR = Ely Unsung Hero Gordy Franks

NEIGHBORS Gordon Franks and his wife Audrey are heroes for Cindy Nicholson (center). Photo by Cam Weisert

Cindy Nicholson nominated Washington Street neighbor Gordy Franks and they received this week’s prizes. Cindy wrote, “Even since I moved next door to Gordy, he has come over with his four wheeler/snow blower to move my snow. Even when I try to beat him to it I fail. He also uses his riding mower in the summer to mow my lawn. He’s seen me with my push mower and tells me he can do it faster as long as he is mowing his too. It’s been almost 20 years and I appreciate him as much now as I did at year one. He and Audrey are the best neighbors ever!”