From the miscellaneous drawer - readers heard from

by Echo publisher Anne Swenson

It’s not a popularity contest, but the results from the Echo subscription card returns serve to reinforce what we’re doing at the Echo. And we appreciate folks who send notes or remind us of their reading favorites on their renewal post cards. Fishing, hunting and outdoors topics are popular. Editorials are are well read
Tom Coombe’s writing regularly gets plaudits. Pam’s O’Clock hour introduces us all to new and older faces around Ely. Columnists Trout whisperer (is he for real? one person asked. Yes, he is). A woman in Manhatten. Illinois wrote, “I enjoy the whole paper. Ely is my home town. Born and raised there.”
From Two Harbors, MN came: “ Mining, steel and timber industry news, much better than”another area paper. And Native Son, Miscellaneous Drawer and Hook And Bullet Club all got plaudits, as well as historical articles.
* * *
There was a recent article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune about former Elyite Betty Ahola Kizilos, who died Feb. 18. She met her Green-born husband Tolly while studying calculus for engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the 1950s. She was the only woman among 60 scientists at Honeywell’s research center in Hopkins in 1960. She also wrote six books. Ely hatches smart kids!
A note from Joyce Waters in Indiana said that Marshall and his wife are expecting twins on Valentine Day, a boy and girl and she will finally get to be a grandmother. Best wishes to all!
While I enjoy writing for over 3,000 subscribers and their families, I’m way too private for a Facebook connection. So Diane, you and Steve will have to continue reading the Echo to see what I’ve been up to!
* * *
A recent missive that was typed and unsigned asked: “Ely city officials so focused on saving tax dollars, here’s hoping that they look at ALL contracts they currently hold and look for proposals to get the best bang from the taxpayers buck. What about city attorney?”
I don’t know - I’m old fashioned you know, but when some document says “you must,” I believe it means now, not later when it’s convenient to make amends and follow rules. (I’m not particularly religious, but I think of “Shalt not” in the same regard as “must,” and I will continue to question any legal opinion which says it is arbitrary.
* * *
In the Ely Echo for March 7, 2009, 10 years ago, the headlines were:
• EADA offers helping hand;
For one weekend, Ely goes to the dogs;
A move west for BluesFest Winton out as venue; organizers, city looking at Hidden Valley as new location;
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