Storm water causes problems at Sir G’s

STORM WATER was backed up Wednesday night from Third Avenue East and Conan Street all the way to the alley behind Sir G’s where sandbags had to be used around the building to keep the rain water out. “There’s close to seven feet of frost in the ground so it took awhile to come back through the surface on Third Avenue,” said Ely Operations Director Harold Langowski. That relieved the pressure in the main allowing the water to drop from behind Sir G’s, but a house on Conan ended up with four feet of water in the basement. “Butch Gornik and Kurt Mattila pumped it out last night,” said Langowski on Thursday afternoon. “When you get an inch of rain and everything is frozen it causes some problems. We had 200 feet of storm sewer frozen solid.”
The city fire department and public works assisted with the sand bags at Sir G’s. Photo by Nick Wognum.