From the miscellaneous drawer - Inventor wanted

Growing problem
Especially with the elderly - the frequency of falling. Firemen, police and medical personnel are increasingly being summoned to assist those who fall and can’t get up.
The Census Bureau projects that by 2035, there will be 78.0 million people 65 years and older compared to 76.7 million under the age of 18.
In nearby Virginia, MN it was reported that: “During the week of Feb. 25-March 3, the Virginia Fire Department was called for service 96 times: 15 fire calls and 81 medical calls.” Unknown how many of these were for help after falling.–––
Two years ago, after taking a shower and starting to dry off, I became dizzy and fell in my bathroom, hitting my head.
I carry my cell phone with me at all times (on the advice of my then- four-year old grandson Jake). I made a phone call for help. Then I thought out the situation...
With two knee replacements, crawling to the bedroom was out. Then I thought of the 18”wood shower bench nearby which was within reach. Using it I was able to dismiss the need for help because using it I was able to stand.
Now think of that statistic which I’ve been told is characteristic of public service departments across the country. Those men and women are having to lift perhaps dead weight often, jeopardizing their own health and damage to their backs.
So think of this big pharma and the health care industry: please invent a moveable robot to come at one’s call. It would need to be weighted to balance the weight being exerted to pull a person upright. The market is there and growing.
Even better yet would be a machine to assist those aides, which could be programmed to lift that weight off the floor so that a gurney or wheel chair could be used for any short or long journey from the accident site.
* * *
In the Ely Echo for February 26, 2009, 10 years ago, the headlines were:
• Echo given sports award by MN Newspaper Association;
• Snowbank Lodge closes its doors;
• Arnold Riikola named Citizen of the Northland;
• Gfeller home lost to fire.
P.S. There was a typo in last week’s column - the Ely Dentist’s daughter, former Elyite Betty Ahola Kizilos married a man of Greek descent. I apologize for the error.