From the miscellaneous drawer - Glad the city is saving money

There are times when the agenda sent out for an Ely City Council meeting is more interesting reading than any news report of the same meeting afterward.
For instance, what caught my eye on the agenda before the March 19 meeting is that therein are minutes from all the city’s committees: Parks & Rec, DGGHTrust, Housing & Rehab, P & Z, Heritage, Budget, Employee Relations, Utilities Commission, Ely Steering ABC minutes and more. One plan noted is for: “Google My Business listings will make it easy for Ely businesses to manage their business profiles so that they can stand out online. Currently most businesses have no information provided. There are 130 businesses in the downtown area. Budget $9,514.” Make that 129 businesses. Another business is also now closing.
And get this one targeted toward the wilderness visitor: “Proximity Beacons- “hyperlocal marketing”- Utilize Wi-Fi enabled Bluetooth proximity beacons to deliver, fun interactive and unique experiences to park visitors using beacons and proximity marketing. The beacons will generate additional awareness around park events in real time for park visitors. Budget: $7,118.” And we thought folks came here to get away from pressures of contemporary civilization.
Plus other tidbits from 3/5 minutes, such as: St Paul Trip- Mayor Novak reported on his recent trip to St. Paul. But what did he accomplish? Is that covered by the $134.20 “Travel and Training fee” for the mayor or is his travel included in the $4,264.14 credit cards expense as well.
Without discussion apparently the council approved the purchase of a Snocrete snow blower for $104,226.96.
The city also paid the February/March bills totaling: $494,500.22. That included $469.60 to the Timberjay plus the $200 paid to WELY for “publishing.” The City Attorney is paid a monthly stipend to handle legal duties for the city. Extra work is charged separately. This time the extra bill was for $3,855.35 for “2019 News Paper Bid.”
Boy, am I glad the city is saving money on printing legals.
Now if only the city could start respecting all local businesses.
* * *
In the Ely Echo for March 22, 2009, 10 years ago, the headlines were:
• Magnet School study gets initial OK;
• Wastewater project on hold, city to ask feds for $5.8 million;
• Road through business park to face further study, scrutiny;
• Finding funding of wastewater project likely through steering committee, project manager;
• Mediation next for city, police union;
• All State honorable mention for Ely basketball standouts Mischke, Dusich.