Trout Whisperer - Good Compass

Good compass
“Is my dad coming back? ”
He says, “I hope so.”
The boy asks, “Did you ever go to jail? ”
He says,“ no.”
“Why did my dad go to jail?”
He says, “Your dad got in with the wrong crowd.”
“I never want to get in with the wrong crowd.”
His grandpa says, “Good for you. Now here, you hold this wing while I glue it, okay?”
He reaches up his hands, his grandpa moves his fingers, places the balsa wood plane blade between his fingers and says, “Now you hold that still while I glue it.”
He says, “Ok grandpa.”
Grandpa leans in, drips the translucent glue off a steely tip along the edge of the plane’s wing blade to the side of the plane’s body.
He says to his grandson, “You can let go of that now.”
His little hands release.
Grandpa leans back and says, “Well it’s all done. You want to go fly it?”
There is a loud, “Yeah, can we?”
Grandpa says, “Put your jacket on, it’s a bit cool out today.”
He slides his arms in the sleeves so fast they get stuck. Grandpa fixes the sleeves and says, “Okay, you carry the plane outside” as he hands it to the boy.At the same time he opens the door and we all exit the kitchen.
Grandpa shows the boy how to nose up the plane and toss it into the wind. On the next practice he says, “Okay, this time, were going to let it go, okay?”
The boy nods yes.
Back go the two hands, forward goes the arms and the tiny wooden plane, up it goes. The breeze catches it, the plane flies out, up, and then the breeze gusts.Up higher goes the plane, it lofts higher and higher and the boy asks, “Will it come back?”
Grandpa says, “It sure will.” And no sooner than that, the plane turns, swoops, and lands down on the ground maybe 15 feet away.
The boy asks, “How did it know how to come back?”
Grandpa says, “It just has a good compass.”
Almost choking me and his grandpa, the boy asks, “Grandpa, do I have a good compass?”
Gramps takes hold of his hand, “I’m sure you do.”--The trout whisperer