Ely German students immersed at language villages

IMPOSING structure greeted Ely students Grace Erickson and Karissa VanVickle who earned an award for the weekend.

by Anja Nienow
German Teacher
This past weekend, April 4-7, students Grace Erickson and Karissa VanVickle from Ely Memorial High School attended a German Immersion program at Concordia Language Villages in Bemidji, Minnesota.
“Waldsee was such an interesting experience! It was so bizarre to re-immerse and not have everyone speaking German over a dinner table,” said Karissa. “I really learned a lot and hope I can go again in the future.”
During their time, students experienced mini lessons, activities, and authentic meals focused around a common theme. This year’s theme was Das Leben im Wald-- life in the forest. Students learned about various trees, plants, and animals common in German-speaking countries.
Since the weekend is an immersion experience, students are challenged to use their language skills in hopes of receiving a “disco ball”-- given in recognition of using German during their stay.
“I had a lot of fun at Waldsee!” shared Grace. “I learned a lot and the counselors were nice and explained things well using German. I would encourage more students to go next year.”
Saturday evening there was a more formal banquet dinner followed by a dance, which everyone participated in. Overall, the weekend went well and students enjoyed their time at Concordia Language Villages. Concordia also offers language immersion programs during the summer months for students and families. Visit their website for more information (www.concordialanguagevillages.org).