Native son: Our Town

by Charles D Novak

Another classmate has been taken from us. Richard Mobilia passed away on February 28. My condolences to his family.
Richard and I had a great working relationship as bus boys at Vertin’s Restaurant when it was located in the Forest Hotel building. We worked so well together the waitresses would actually request our services during the busy summer months when the tourists flocked to Ely.
The two of us kept the tables and booths clean so customers could make their menu choices, pay their bill and leave a generous tip for their server which was sometimes shared with us. During the busy summer months we worked without taking a break. Those white jackets we had to wear had us sweating like gladiators. We had all this fun for a salary of fifty cents an hour, a small fortune in those days.
Unfortunately I did not know when the funeral services were being held for Richard until I saw his impressive obituary in the newspaper two days after the services were held. I was upset to having missed his funeral.
I’ve also been having medical conditions for the past year which has limited my mobility. I truly believe Richard and I will see each other again where we can share our “Vertin experiences”. Until then, may he rest in peace.
In February of this year a couple of hackers tried to take over my checking and investment accounts. I was faster than they were and had all my assets frozen. I then contacted social security with my new account numbers. I was told to call 800-772-1213 which I assumed was their office in Washington. I never was able to speak to a human. A recording had me on the line for 13 minutes listening to a litany of options none of which suited my situation. The final message informed me all their lines were busy and to please call back. Then the line went dead!
I spoke to someone at our local bank and she said to call the Social security office in Hibbing – 866-964-4320. I didn’t know Social Security had an office in Hibbing.
On the third ring a girl answered the phone, asked for my social security number and asked me six questions. I was thanked for calling them so promptly and she said all the changes had been made in my account and I was “good to go!” This was done in five minutes! I encourage everyone reading this to write down the Hibbing number and call them FIRST with any social security problems.
I enjoy a good movie and will check a couple times a week to see what’s new on Netflix or what’s coming up on the Turner Classic Movie Channel.
I will select six or seven movies for MY LIST at Netflix. I usually cancel most of them after watching the first five minutes. I’m fussy what I spend my time on. I absolutely will not watch a film full of needless killings of innocent people. This type of movie seems to be in vogue these days. Why? What happened to good stories and interesting plots and great acting? And when they are shooting each other why does it take six to eight bullets to murder them? I do double clicks with my remote when these scenes occur.
My brain needs challenging situations with the actors using words with three or more syllables. I guess reading all those wonderfully written books has made me a little spoiled. I miss the over emotional movies of the ’50s.
As you enter into the State of Senior it’s the little things that get to you. For instance packaging – cans with tabs you can’t wedge your fingers under to open or vacuum-sealed “lift up here” corners suddenly become too small to pull up. When did applesauce lids become impossible to twist open?
Someone should bring a class-action lawsuit against the packaging industry for physical damage and mental distress. Am I getting grumpy? Time to go.
Have a nice day!