Native son: Easter at the Pioneer

The two most popular “get together” holidays are Christmas and Easter. This is when we usually spend quality time with family and good friends.
There are forty one tenants living at the Pioneer Apartments. There is no more room at the Inn. A brunch was planned for Easter Sunday beginning at 2 pm. All the food is made from scratch by the tenants. We had a dozen people who got together in the apartment building lounge which was decorated for this event.
The names of the people at the brunch and how long they lived at the Pioneer Apartments are: Tonya, 5 years, Sharon, 3 years, Kevin, 4 years, Donna, 3 years, Vance, 2 years, Gigi, 2 years, Chantel, 3 years, Cassie, 1 year and when I asked Vicki how long she’s been here she said “20 minutes!”
Always a smart one in every crowd. And talk about longevity. The winners are Carol, 21 years, Noelle, 9 years, and Shawn, 21 years. I’ve been at the Pioneer three wonderful years. The ages are spread all over the map. I would guess the majority would be the seniors but there are a number of young people.
It’s mostly a very friendly and respectful group. You have to allow for those few tenants who just want to be left alone for whatever personal reasons.
And now the best part – the food. You could smell it cooking all the way up to the third floor! The baked ham surrounded by the most delicious sliced pineapple was a huge favorite. I had three helpings! The perfectly mashed potatoes complimented all the other dishes on the table.
I couldn’t stop eating those cheesy scalloped potatoes. I never thought of making mine with cheese. I use cream of mushroom soup and milk.
Every event like this has to have a casserole and we had the green bean version – yummy! After all these culinary delights you would think there wouldn’t be room for dessert – think again!
Let’s start with the chocolate pie – to die for! The cherry cobbler was a big favorite. I had two helpings. The brownies and red devil’s cake was mouth-watering. By this time I forgot how many pieces I had. The grand finale featured the good old standbys - cookies, fruit salad and strawberry Jello.
I’m not much of a cook so I supplied the beverages which consisted of apple and orange juice, an assortment of sodas and I think I saw a couple cans of beer in the cooler. How in the world did those get there?
After all this food, no one was able to walk so we kept sitting and had a wonderful social session getting to know each other and exchanging stories about all the good things we’ve experienced. How come events like these go by so quickly?
Next thing I knew I was in bed listening to my food digesting. Is it Christmas yet?