Lake County says it will return lodging tax funds to Ely/Fall Lake

by Nancy McReady
Lake County Commissioner Pete Walsh attended the Fall Lake Township meeting Tuesday and updated the board on the broadband purchase which will be finalized July 3.
“They will have an investment up in this area with unfinished connections,” said Walsh. He said there is still intention of completing service to Fall Lake.
As to the lodging tax, Walsh said Lake County would be collecting the tax which would be returned to the Ely/Fall Lake area. He said Lake County is also planning to extend the lodging tax to campgrounds.
The last thing Walsh informed the board about was that an appraisal is being done on the Boundary Waters land to recalculate Lake County’s PILT payments.
Supervisor Rod Gruba said he has traveled all the township roads but he and supervisor Craig Seliskar will check all roads again before the June meeting.
Seliskar looked at the transfer site with Lake County Environmental Services Director Christine McCarthy. The barrel at the transfer site for collecting used oil belongs to the county and the site could use a smaller barrel. Also, Firewise is looking to take over the brush pile and enlarge the area. Transfer site attendant Cassie Leoni said everything was going well at the site. It is now open three days a week, Monday, Wednesday and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Seliskar talked with Nick Wognum with the Prospectors ATV Club and said someone from the club would attend the next meeting and discuss concerns of the trail going through Fall Lake Township. Currently ATVs are allowed on county roads, but not on the Fernberg Trail or Highway 2.
Gruba said the wetland delineation on the Cloquet Line would be done by the end of May and then the township would advertise for bids on the work to be done on the road.
Gruba has served on the ambulance committee for ten years, which is the limit he can serve. He said the meetings are held quarterly, with the next meeting to be held in July. Supervisor Mary Tome said she would attend the July meeting and tentatively agreed to serve as Fall Lake’s representative.
Tome learned from an article in the Lake County News Chronicle that the Lake Superior School District is considering having a voter-approved operating levy on the November ballot. They haven’t determined what the amount would be, and this would have to be decided by August 23 in order to inform the state and county auditors. Presently a capital improvement referendum is still in place from when the new Two Harbors High School was built in 2005.
Examples given in the article were if the board asked for $100 referendum per pupil, the levy applied to a house valued at $100,000, the increase would be about $12 per year. If a $1000 referendum were requested per pupil, the levy, applied to a house valued at $100,000, the increase would be about $112 per year. Superintendent William Crandall said he hoped the amount would be somewhere in between $100 and $1000.
In correspondence:
• Received an estimate from Phil Hegfors for work to be done on Snowbank Road. This was tabled until the June meeting and after the road inspection.
• Received Lake County Highway Department allotment for Fall Lake roads.
• Received thank you from the Ely Winter Festival for donation.
• Received invitation to Ely/Winton Historical Society annual dinner.
• There were two public hearings for relief of setbacks.
• Several land use applications were received.
• The next Morse/Fall Lake Fire Department meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 15 at 6 p.m.
• The next regular Fall Lake Township meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 4 at 6 p.m.
• The Lake County Commissioners will meet at Fall Lake Town Hall on Tuesday, June 18 at 6 p.m.