Hook and bullet club - Lucky guy

Luckiest guy on Mother’s Day? Had to be me. When I asked my wife what she wanted to do, she said, “How about a wheeler ride?”
Evan and Megan joined us and we loaded up the truck with two wheelers and a dirt bike. There will come a day when we can ride trails from Ely and that day is coming soon. We’re hoping to complete construction of the Prospector Loop from Ely to Mattila’s Shelter and beyond by this fall.
For now, however, unless you want to ride blacktop, trailering is your best bet.
We pulled into an old gravel pit and unloaded the machines. The weather was on the iffy side but a few raindrops weren’t going to stop us.
Evan and Megan took the lead and off we went down the trail. The leaves hadn’t filled in the forest yet so the views were just great. Seeing into the woods and out on to lakes, rivers and bogs is a fun part of spring riding.
We stopped a couple times but until we arrived at a small bridge crossing between two lakes we hadn’t really taken much of a break.
Here we opened the cooler and Mary even gave us each a fruit snack to tide us over. Ever the mother, even on her special day.
Just like kids are wont to do, Evan and Megan jumped on the boards of the bridge to see if they would give. Mary and I took in the scene and enjoyed being out in the woods with no bugs.
We had ridden up the Echo Trail to meet the Crane Lake Club a few weeks ago and this weekend we’re on a ride down by Mille Lacs. Those are bigger group rides.
Just three rigs on the trail can be fun too. Plenty of time to interact when you come to a trail intersection or stop to throw rocks in the lake.
Getting to do that on Mother’s Day was priceless. I am the luckiest guy around.