Hook and Bullet Club by Nick Wognum

With graduation going on this past weekend and getting to take photos at both the Ely and Babbitt ceremonies, it didn’t seem like there would be time to get out to the shack.
My nephew Mitch was up and wanted to show his girlfriend where we hang out during hunting season.
“Would you mind if we went out there,” he asked.
“No problem. The key is in the same place,” I said.
Then came the phone call. No key. That’s when I remembered Evan and I brought the key in to have copies made.
We only have the one key and it had gotten bent, probably from someone leaving it in the door and a hip giving it a new look.
So Mitch and Jackie made a second trip to the shack on Sunday. Mary and I decided to join them and loaded up the wheeler.
The four of us were able to do some riding and Jackie learned how to drive a wheeler when you have to shift gears by the buttons on the handlebars.
She’s from Virginia, the state of, not the city, but you could tell she’d fit right in at Camp Cholesterol. The woods didn’t phase her, even when the sand flies descended upon us when we were out checking a trail camera. Mitch might have a winner here.
Having to get to a graduation party that afternoon our riding was a bit shorter than we would have liked but getting to go at all is a gift in itself.
Life has gotten so busy there are times I think I spend more time volunteering on ATV organizations than I do actually riding an ATV.
The Prospector Trail is about to take off with construction projects once the last bit of paperwork is completed. Volunteers have been out dropping trees so we don’t disturb any bats and we’ve got a volunteer project set up to try building a stretch of boardwalk. A stretch equals 236 feet.
We may need to bring out the super strength bug dope.