Girl Scout group rescued from BWCA

A group of Girl Scouts were rescued from Knife Lake in the BWCA after feeling the effects of a lightning strike.
The St. Louis County Rescue Squad was dispatched after reports of a group of six girls age 15-18 and their leaders from Chicago, IL reported “they might have experienced ground current” after a nearby lightning strike.
The event occurred Friday night after a strong storm passed through the Ely area and even attracted the attention of Gov. Tim Walz who tweeted, “A group of very brave Girl Scouts need your prayers tonight. They’re waiting out dangerous conditions and potential injuries in BWCA, while search & rescue teams try to locate them. Our first responders train for this. We're going to do everything we can to bring them home safe.”
The St. Louis County Rescue Squad used motorboats from Moose Lake and then portages and paddled their way to Knife Lake in the dark to find the group. When they arrived around 11 p.m. the rescuers reported, “All patients are awake, alert, and able to move without assistance.”
The group came out of the BWCA after 3 a.m. and were checked out at Ely Bloomenson-Community Hospital before returning to the Girl Scout Base on Moose Lake.