Girl bitten by bear near Ely

Echo file photo

The Minnesota DNR is reporting a 16 year-old girl was bitten by a black bear near White Iron Lake on June 22. The bear was later shot and killed by a DNR law enforcement officer.
The incident occurred around 4:30 p.m. on Monday, July 22 when the girl was jogging on a path near White Iron Lake. The victim was taken to Ely-Bloomenson Community Hospital for minor injuries where she was treated and later released.
The bear was shot at a garbage bin located near to where the girl was bitten. The bear's DNR is being tested to see if it was the same bear that attacked the girl.
DNR officials have published a notice to those living in the area:
· It is possible that the bear who bit the jogger may still be in the vicinity. Be
vigilant, especially when alone, and be wary of bears that seem unafraid of you.
· The fact that the bear charged the jogger from behind indicates its habituation to
humans. This is not normal behavior for a bear.
· Bears become used to people when they are fed close to where people live.
· Other unwary fed bears have been reported in the area. Do not approach them.
· If a bear approaches you, speak loudly and act aggressive toward it do not run.
· Continued feeding of bears may cause other incidents like this, including injury
and property damage.
The DNR strongly discourages feeding of bears.