Should have been in held in the “sunset” room

The class of 1949 held their 70 year reunion on July 27th at the Grand Ely Lodge. A classmate wryly observed that is should have been in held in the “sunset” room not the “sunrise” room.
This landmark event was the 20th consecutive annual class reunion with our close knit group starting with the 50th in 1999. In addition, there were several other reunions starting with the 10th in 1959.
The 15 classmates in attendance were Doris (Lammi) Eisenhart, Dom Elioff, Josie (Lunka) Elioff, Lorry (Banovetz) Glum, Maxine (Kovach) Jacks, Sheldon Klobuchar, Mary Ellen (Kleemola) Levander, Laverne (Anderson) Lindholm, Joan (Nelson) Lunth, Bob Maki, Tom Markson, Honey (Yadlosky) Nickolson, Karl Rukavina, Beverly (Viste) Wiermaa, and Betty Ann (Tjader) Zorman.
In conclusion, we are grateful for the school system which provided a great education and many fond memories.
Bob Maki
Class of 1949