From the miscellaneous drawer - Changes

by Echo publisher Anne Swenson

You meet a whole set of new people when you are immobilized. It’s interesting to find how much every one shares in the way of human experience.
One thing many of us have in common is the alienation of family members. Whose judgement is that which creates it? We must all be guilty in some way.
Do each of us become so self absorbed in our own life, our own world that our priorities become skewed?
When children of any age divorce their families, does it make sense? Not if you’re a person(s) being isolated.
But that isolation is not rare. In the process of becoming an adult, establishing one’s values and beliefs is usually a process of evolution, of learning and observing, and making conclusions based on those.
After the dependence of childhood with its blindness to a complete picture of adults in our lives, the emerging adult has a lot to reconcile and accept. No, parents are not omnipotent and all-knowing. No, they are not perfect beings. They, too, are evolving with time - accepting this set of circumstances and rejecting that set. Melding their thought process into conclusions which may or may not match any other person’s conclusion.
Is a “divorce” ever complete with never a thought? No. That thread of familial love remains though it is fragile and may touch family members in memory over a lifetime.
Yes, I have daughter who has divorced her Ely family. Will she evolve? That’s unknown.
In truth, we all probably share any blame. Not one of us can affix the blame firmly in any one place. Lives get busy, mistakes are made.
Understanding, along with an abiding love should shelter a family for all times, and if it doesn’t, one can only hope for acceptance of the way things are without anger or hate.
In the Ely Echo for August 10, 1999, 20 years ago, the headlines were:
• Mike Motors sold to Hibbing dealer;
• Whiteside Park prepped for Greenstone sculpture project;
• Six developers now vying for IRRRB housing money;
• Council takes no action on petition to change PUC;
Cancer Society to hold Relay for Life Aug. 6-7.