Dear Ely community members,

Dear Ely community members,

Great changes are in the future of ISD 696!

Red surveys emblazoned with the Ely name and logo may have arrived in your mailboxes or post office boxes this week. When you hold this survey, you hold the future of our historic district in your hands. What will this future look like? That is for all of us, the taxpayers and community members of our district, to decide.

We at Ely Education Association (EEA) hope that each and every recipient of this survey complete it. It will take just a few minutes of time to help shape the 2020 referendum.

We further hope that each and every recipient of this survey endeavor to be informed. Ask your children or grandchildren for information about their experiences, or strike up a conversation with any school employee. Better yet, come and see for yourself. EEA is hosting a Facilities Open House on Friday, September 27 from 3-5 PM. We welcome you to walk around our school building to see the present conditions--and picture the future!

Ely Education Association