From the miscellaneous drawer

One of my friends panicked when I noted I might get my desk cleaned in retirement. No fear. It’s as messy as ever.
Ely’s summer residents are already departing for warmer climes.
Despite the variances in daily temperatures of late - I have a pesky visitor who is checking out potential winter quarters.
Some years back I had the front of my house dug up and window wells installed where needed.
One of them is lined with a metal which has horizontal ridges from undergound to the surface. The topside is covered with a fiberglass ridged top.
My four-footed visitor - a squirrel - is small enough to slip between the grooves and drop the four feet below.
From there he recognizes he is in trouble and scrambles to climb the ridged walls to get out. So far he has made the mistake twice, the last time at 3:30 in the morning. Both times he managed to get out after a bit of racket.
Trust me, I do not open the window to invite him inside.
Since I sleep in a room nearby, the attempts at escape wake me up.
We’re thinking of fitting a metal mesh over the base unit, under the fiberglass. Or maybe he’ll learn that this is a suicide mission.
* * *
In the Ely Echo for Sept. 20, 1999, 20 years ago, the headlines were:
• Ballpark renamed to honor Ely’s vets;
• Reassessment begins on Fall Lake parcels;
• County board raises levy by 4.6 percent;
• Ely set to receive $200,000 CDBG grant for Spaulding project;
• Northshore Mining cancels planned September shutdown.