Hook and Bullet Club

by Nick Wognum

Shack time is running very low with deer season now just two weeks away. At Camp Cholesterol we’re rebuilding a small woodshed and fixing deer stands as fast as we can.
This past weekend we had a boatload of helpers including Megan’s college roommate Sidney, Evan and his girlfriend Nella, Uncle Mike and his youngest, Hunter joining Mary and I in moving a deer stand.
The move has been in the planning stages for over a year. We considered bringing in a crane or maybe a large helicopter to make it happen. Then we realized this wasn’t a big deal and we just needed brave souls to climb up the stand, undo the ratchet straps and help us lower it to the ground.
That part went really well thanks to Hunter and when it went back up Evan was able to attach it to the tree again without any problems.
Teamwork is a great thing in life, even at the deer shack. Oh, we might argue over who gets to sit in the hot stand or who was the last one in the outhouse and didn’t set out another roll of toilet paper. But in the end, we’re all on the same Camp Cholesterol team.
The leaves keep falling, the temperatures are dropping - it can only mean that the 2019 deer season is almost here.