Letter: ...so much hate in this world today

Dear Editor
So, I have been hearing lately so much about the environment and how folks are so worried about our children and grand children not having a clean, beautiful world to grow up in.
Well, I hate to break it to those people, there is so much hate in our world today that our kids don’t have a chance on this planet. What they have to look forward to is hate, crime, high anxiety, and wanting everything given to them. They have the internet to teach them (and that’s not a good thing) and young teachers who are coming out of colleges to teach them their views to the kids and not how to think for themselves, be independent and have values, faith, self worth and not be judged and called names for having those values and opinions.
When we were growing up, not only did we have our faith but our parents helped guide us in a positive ways. We had neighborhood picnics, dinner around the tables, (without phones in our hands) sliding, skating, fishing, hunting, camping - you know.. all those things that contribute to healthy, strong lives. We played outside all day in the summers and after dinner and homework in the evenings. If we watched TV it was Sunday evenings watching Walt Disney movies with the whole family gathered around our small little TV.
So, I say if you want these kids to grow up solid and full of love to pass on to their kids, take the phones, games and iPads away and spend quality time with them, be a bigger part of their education and find out what the teachers are instilling into our children so that at least they have a fighting chance at succeeding in life - give them the right tools to do that. And when it comes to the upcoming holidays don’t shower them with “things”, give them the gift of love, spend quality time with them, maybe take them to a food shelter to help out or bake some goodies and take them to elderly neighbors.
Help build them into strong, independent adults and above all respect others. And then they can feel they can take on the world in a positive way by working hard and loving others as much as they love themselves. Its our place in life as parents and grandparents to guide them in the right direction so they can flourish in this ugly world of ours.
Ann Weckman-Folz