The School is Alive with the The Sound of Music

If a person is walking down the halls of the Washington Elementary school any afternoon or evening, they will likely hear students singing one of the heartwarming songs of The Sound of Music, this year’s high school musical.
This year’s production boasts a cast of 27 students. As in all productions of this play, students have to take on the roles of nuns and Nazis. The biggest challenge to casting is finding a five-year-old student to play the irrepressible Gretl. Fiona Olson has the verve that the role demands. Of course the play’s lead is Maria Rainer. Cora Olson plays this role. Mother Superior is played by Apolonia Homer. Out of nowhere, Ethan Bremner came to tryouts, and his voice earned him the role of Captain Von Trapp. Other seniors with notable roles are Nils DeRemee as Max, Erika Mattson as Elsa, Raif Olson as Rolf, Holly Dirkes as Sister Sophia, and Brooke Pasmick as Sister Berthe. We also have four elementary students who play the roles of the younger Von Trapp children.
Almost everyone over the age of thirty knows of this famous musical. What was most shocking to Mr. Lah, the director of the fall musical, was the fact the most of the students had never seen the movie musical. This innocence makes the directing of the play exciting. “You cannot substitute anything for good musical composition. The students naturally respond to it,” says Lah.
He said he did this musical twenty-one years ago. “When you decide on a play for the year, you have to look at the potential of the students and the roles that need to be filled. I was considering the talent of the women we have, and The Sound of Music fit the bill.”
As always, this musical promises to send the audience home singing, “Doe A Deer.” Speaking of deer, the play is on the first weekend of deer hunting, so this year, you came all come to the performance on Friday, November 8th at 7:00. The second performance is Sunday, November 10 at 4:00. All tickets are $5.00. Coming enjoy the Sound of Music in the Washington Auditorium.