Hook and Bullet Club

by Nick Wognum

Jon Prijatel posted one morning how he loves early mornings at the shack. His photos showed a hot fire burning in the wood stove and breakfast cooking on the gas stove.
At the same time at Camp Cholesterol I was watching the darkness start to fade away through the Norway pines. But there was an incredible light show taking place.
Through the window of my front door I could see the moon peaking up from the horizon. But not much of a moon, just a thin sliver. Boy was it bright.
My SkyView app is great to have when looking up at the stars. The moon may be easy to figure out but I didn’t know Mars was right next to the moon or that Uranus was the bright star out the window behind me. And did you know Mars appears reddish in color due to the iron oxide (rust) in its terrain and dusty atmosphere? Me either.
Back to the moon, not literally, but kind of. Another app told me the moon was at 4.1 percent in Waning Crescent. That made me think of the number of crescent rolls we’ve made at the shack. Rolling the pre-cut pieces of dough is something we’ve taught each kid at the shack including my nephews.
I sent a picture of the fire in the wood stove through Snapchat to my nephew Justin who is serving our country at Army Base in Kaiserslautern, Germany. He replied back right away and we traded messages. He misses his family and being at the shack. Justin just turned 20 and has found the Army to be a good fit for him. Maybe he’ll be able to sneak a trip out to the shack when he’s home for Christmas.
If he does I hope the moon comes up through the big pine trees to greet us. I’ll get a hearty breakfast cooking, complete with crescent rolls.
Shack time. Jon was right, it’s the greatest time of the year.