...and he never took my money

Dear Editor:
I just finished reading the November 9th edition of the Echo.
It truly warms my heart to see all the Veterans recognition stories and ads.
I was an Ely resident when I joined the Navy on July 1, 1982.
At that time our country still had the bad taste of the Vietnam Conflict in its collective mouth.
It wasn’t “cool” to be in the military. Except in Ely. Every time I came home on leave to visit my parents, I would make my rounds.
I always stopped at Zaverl’s to see Gary. Prior to my enlisting, he and I had many a discussion about joining the Navy as I was deciding exactly what to do with my life.
Gary ALWAYS had a cold beer waiting for me when I was in town. On the house!!
I’d stop by to get a hair cut with Jerry the Barber, and he never took my money. After all, he was a Navy Vet himself.
I haven’t lived in Ely for over 37 years, but now spend my summers there and still consider Ely my hometown.
I’m proud of how my hometown always has and always will treat her Veterans.
Bob Anderson
Snowbird Traveler
Emery, SD