Hospital welcomes new leaders

by Tom Coombe
Three new faces have joined the management staff at Ely-Bloomenson Community Hospital, including one in a newly-created position.
Becky Holmstrom is on board as chief nursing officer at EBCH, while Tommy Teigen is the new team leader of the hospital’s cardiopulmonary rehabilitation department. Both joined the staff in September.
Nancy McKenzie has worked at EBCH since April in a new financial counselor position and has since been promoted to team leader.
The three new leaders bring varied backgrounds to the Ely hospital but some common bonds as well, including an affinity for EBCH and the Ely area.
“I really like the people,” said Holmstrom, a Duluth native. “It’s a great place to work with really a family feel.”
Teigen, who came to Ely from the Twin Cities, added “I never really cared for living in the Cities and always wanted to move somewhere more rural.”
McKenzie, who moved to Ely from Rhinelander, Wisc., said the community offers similarities to Harrison Hills, Wisc, a town she visited as a child.
“Ely offers the same beautiful seasons, lakes and wildlife,” she said.
Holmstrom came to Ely from North Dakota and plans, directs and coordinates all patient care activities at the hospital.
She started her nursing career in her hometown of Duluth, where she received her nursing degree from the College of St. Scholastica.
Holmstrom recently received her master’s degree in nursing - with a specialty in management and leadership- from the University of Mary in Bismarck, N.D.
“Our family wanted to get back to northern Minnesota to be closer to our family and the beautiful lakes and trees,” said Holmstrom.
She said Ely is “a perfect fit” for her family, which includes husband Erik and four children, ranging in age from preschool to a sophomore in high school.
“My daughter probably had the best first week of school she ever had,” said Holmstrom.
In her position, Holmstrom is responsible for maintaining a high standard in all matters related to nursing services. She can be reached at 365-8745.
Along with Holmstrom, Teigen also joined EBCH this fall and is working to expand services in the department known as “cardio rehab.”
“We’ve had quite a few big changes,” Teigen said Tuesday. “We’ve got new software for monitoring our patients. It’s helping us bring the program up to speed so we can do some better quality control, better monitoring of how we’re doing in our job.”
Jodi Martin, the hospital’s marketing and communications team leader, added that “we’re looking at down road potential of adding pulmonary rehab and giving the whole department a face lift.”
Expanding wellness programming and obtaining certification from the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation is also in the works at EBCH.
Teigen, a former state champion wrestler who also competed and coached at Augsburg University is leading the way.
“I am very excited to start this new chapter of my life here,” said Teigen. “I have always loved this area and feel very grateful for the opportunity to be able to live here and be a part of the health and wellness of Ely.”
Teigen graduated from Augsburg with an exercise science degree and went on to earn a master’s degree in the same discipline from Wisconsin-La Crosse.
He was familiar with the area through previous trips to the outdoors and said “I love the small atmosphere and I like the population I get to work with. I grew up around outdoors activities and I am excited to get to do that in my daily life.”
For more information about Teigen’s department, he may be reached at 365-8738.
It was April when EBCH added a brand-new face to fill a brand-new position.
McKenzie was hired “to provide guidance for our patients so they can make informed decisions regarding the financial aspects of their healthcare.”
According to Martin, the position came about as a result of feedback from hospital patients.
“We want to help parents as they navigate all the difficulty that comes with the health care system, ” said Martin. “Insurances, financial assistance, financial planning. A lot of people don’t understand the differences between Essentia and the hospital, and why they have to re-register when they come over here.”
McKenzie said she works closely with the registration staff and helps counsel patients as they deal with financial issues associated with their care.
“The best part is the team I work with,” said McKenzie. “Everyone has been very welcome and open. I didn’t have a medical background when I came here and I didn’t know a lot of the medical terms.
McKenzie worked for 18 years for the Rhinelander Housing Authority. She is a graduate from the University of Phoenix with a bachelors’ degree in management.
Questions regarding EBCH’s financial assistance program, payment discounts or structured payment programs may be directed to McKenzie at 365-8747.