Trout Whisperer - A big tom…turkey

~ The trout whisperer

The big turkey day is a few weeks away, but on his head is his turkey hunting hat with the single big wing feather from a turkey he shot over 20 years ago. It was, and is, the only one to date.
And his sense of humor about all of it, is wonderful. He was invited to a turkey hunt in southern Minnesota. They scoured the landscape that fall for days never seeing a bird. Then the morning he is leaving, walking through the farmyard was a big ole tom bird that he shot. Turns out it was a neighbor’s bird out for a stroll.
But hunting, we’re going to do. It will be ruffed grouse or maybe a spruce or two, perhaps a stray mallard out of a pond we shoreline stroll. I always hope for at least one mallard, and a wood duck, my personal favorite, is like a present from Mother Nature if I’m lucky enough to get one.
He looks outside, says to his wife, “I think it’s a Filson day.”
She says, “Yes, and it’s a wool sock day and don’t forget your scarf, and you to be home an hour before supper.”
He kisses her, he says, “I’ll try not to wear the kid out, I’ll make sure we’re home in plenty of time for dinner.”
Once out the door, he says to me, “We must be back before the Gophers game starts this afternoon, is that okay?”
I say, “Sure, now let’s go find one of those turkeys, shall we.”